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All events listed below will occur at the
Unitarian  Universalist Church at 10 Higby Road, Utica, New York 13501,
unless otherwise  specified. Directions are also on our home page.
We are located directly behind the office building at 2717 Genesee  Street).
Titles and names underlined and highlighted in blue, are links to other web pages
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Call 315-724-3179 for further information,
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Ongoing Events:

Zen Meditation:  Wednesdays 5 to 6:30 PM
(except Dec 24 & Dec 31)
Call Ellen Reiho as listed in the Directory.

"A Course In Miracles"  (ACIM) Discussion is taking a break and will  resume Thursday, February 12 at 7:30 PM. Contact Sandy Hoerle as listed in the Directory.

Yoga  Fridays 5 to 7:00 PM Call Julie Waldas as listed in the Directory.

Buddhist Meditation Services:
Watch for new schedule with teachers from the  Kadampa Center    877-KADAMPA

Duplicate Bridge
 Bridge is held at the church on the first and third Monday of the month at 7:30 PM.  If you have any questions regarding bridge please contact Harold Quayle as listed in the Directory.

Deadline for the next newsletter is Wednesday,  January 21,  2004

All articles and announcements should be placed in the newsletter folder in the church office by the deadline, or e-mailed to Linda at secretary@uuutica.org  or call her as listed in the Directory inside front cover.

Minister's Office Hours: Thursday 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon, or by appointment.
Secretary available Monday 12:00 noon - 3;00 PM and
Thursday, 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Web postings, corrections & e-mail announcements can be sent to webmaster@uuutica.org

Sunday Services and Forums
The Rev. Kaaren Anderson, Minister

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact David Bell,
Worship Committee Chair as listed in the directory.

Sunday, January 4th, 2004
10:30 AM:  Rev. Kaaren Anderson "Affluenza"
A look at our consumerist culture, its intrigue and influence, it's foibles and traps.
Important:  Be sure to bring your Guest at Your Table box to the January 4th service.  Thank you.  Mary Yoder
Also at 10:30 AM  Children's Worship and Classes
11:30 AM  Social Hour

Sunday, January 11th, 2004
8:30 AM:  Meditation for Peace.  The second Sunday of each month we have our Meditation for Peace.  Contact Margaret Dobies for more information.
10:30 AM:  Rev. Kaaren Anderson "Does it Matter?"
A reflection on making a difference- Does it really matter what we do, how we speak, where we invest our time, how we act and spend our money?
Also at 10:30 AM  Children's Worship and Classes
11:30 AM  Social Hour & Community Fair
At the conclusion of our service, committee chairpersons will briefly speak about what their committees do and how members of the congregation can become involved. Being on a committee is important in helping our church grow and successfully meet its vision, but it is also a great way for individuals to meet other members, have fun and contribute to our community, all at the same time.  Check out the second half of our vision page for more information about our committees and who to contact.
Following Coffee Hour and Community Fair (about noon)
Social Action Committee Meeting
We'll be divvying up area churches to check and see if some are willing to work with
us toward a review of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.  Contact Sue Schuster, for more information

Sunday, January 18th, 2004
10:30 AM:  Rev. Kaaren Anderson "The Busy Life"
A reflection on our busy lives–How busy is too busy, and do we get lost in the process, feeling isolated, trapped and overwhelmed or is our current model of overextension the contemporary answer to fulfillment.
Also at 10:30 AM  Children's Worship and Classes
11:30 AM  Social Hour

Sunday, January 25th, 2004
10:30 AM:  Rev. Peter Lee Scott "The Spiritual Journey of Willie Woodchuck"
An early celebration of groundhog day that will include groundhog carols and readings, special music by the choir, and a sermon that explores woodchuck spirituality from the viewpoint of classical Taoism.
Also at 10:30 AM  Children's Worship and Classes
11:30 AM  Social Hour

Philadelphia Flower Show
A trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show is once again being sponsored by our church. The accommodations and travel are the same as last year. The show is March 7 -14, 2004, and the trip is usually on a weekend, most likely March 13 -14, so save these dates.  More information will be forthcoming in the next newsletter. Contact Nancy Horvath or Joe Gee for information and reservations.

Circle of Life  Kaaren’s Musing
(click on link above)  Minister's office Hours: Thursdays 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon, or by appointment.  Secretary available Monday 12:00 noon - 3;00 PM and Thursdays, 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM

RE News & Information
(Click on link above)

Social Acion
(Click on link above)

Guest at Your Table

Hopefully, your Guest at Your Table boxes are prominently displayed in your homes and filling with your donations for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.  Look into the eyes on these faces from around the world and remember them as you celebrate the holidays and the abundance in that we enjoy every day.  The UUSC and its partners invite us to join around the table, to develop relationships, to share with one another our sorrows, joys, and, especially HOPE!  Mindful of the hope that the UUSC offers throughout the world by actively promoting the principles of Unitarian Universalism, lets fill these boxes to the brim!  Be sure to bring your Guest at Your Table box to Church on Sunday, January 4th at the service.
Thank you.  Mary Yoder

     Happy New Year! I hope that this is the beginning of a very prosperous and fulfilling year for you and your family. I wanted to let you know about two upcoming events at the church. First, on January 11, we will be holding a Committee Fair. At the conclusion of services committee chairpersons will briefly speak about what their committees do and how members of the congregation can become involved. Being on a committee is important in helping our church grow and successfully meet its vision, but it is also a great way for individuals to meet other members and contribute to our community.
     The February newsletter will include a congregational assessment survey. Last June the congregation approved making the minister's position three-quarters time. The Board wants to know how well the church has been meeting the needs of the congregation this year. Your responses to the survey will provide guidance to the Board as it begins work on the upcoming canvass campaign, next year's budget and long term planning for the future.
Rick Fenner, Moderator

Church Sign Fund Drive
   The Fund Drive for the new outdoor church sign goes on. The goal is to raise $4,000.00. At this point in the fund drive the church has received approximately one-half of the expected totals from only twenty people, the majority of which are not regular church members. We plan to conduct the fund drive until the end of March 2004. In the back of the sanctuary there is a display containing various types of church signs as well as other commercial signs.
    We would encourage people to express their ideas of what the finished product will look like as this point the minister and the board members would like a lighted sign with movable letters with the name of the minister and time of service and religious education service. The sign needs to be visible from both up and down Higby Road.
The Board of Trustees would like to express their gratitude for the great response to the drive so far and we anticipate that more members/supporters will come on board the drive with their monetary support.
   One comment received:  Joe, How wonderful to have gotten such a good response so quickly. Tangible ideas for the sign should spur further donations. The article sounds fine. I would suggest inviting sign related suggestions to be made to the board. It should also be made clear that the final decision will be made by the board, based on congregation input, if that is indeed how it is being done. (Just so no one expects a congregation meeting or congregation vote on the matter.) Dorothy Fannin
     If you wish to make a contribution to the Sign fund please send it to: UU Church Sign Fund, Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Higby Road Utica, NY 13501 Your support is appreciated! So are your comments!  Joe Gee

Thanks! Joe
I would like to thank the Members and the Board for the gift I received for the holidays. I appreciated it very much. I hope you all have a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Linda Williams, Secretary

Welcome to our New Members:
Jennie Smith
Kelly Ann Nugent and Wyatt
Diane Stebbins
Denise Morgan
Kim Bywater

Read more about them in our Janurary newsletter.  Please make a special effort to welcome these folks, and any newcomers. It's great to have you all amongst us!

Membership Committee News
If you are interested in becoming a member of our congregation, Please see Kaaren beforehand, or contact a member of our committee.  Shirley Williams

The current session ended on Dec. 11. The new session will begin on Thursday, Feb 12 at 7:30 p.m., and will meet every two weeks.   In these meetings we explore the principles of the Course and other materials as they relate to changing our perceptions, making the experience of inner peace more likely.  Our own lives are the laboratories in this process, as we learn the content of our own belief systems and how they either help or hinder our progress. Please feel free to check us out! Need more information? Call Sandy Hoerle as listed in the directory.

Our New Web and E-mail Addressess
For our online members and friends, accessing the church by web and e-mail has just gotten simpler.  Our website is now www.uuutica.org.   Our church e-mail address is now welcome@uuutica.org.  Sending newsletter articles and other office related information to Linda, our secretary, is as simple as secretary@uuutica.org.  They will be forwarded directly to Linda's regular address.  The same is true with Kaaren, you can just write to minister@uuutica.org, and she will receive them just as quickly as if it were sent to her home address.  E-mail announcements, web postings and problems can be sent to Bill Gazitano at webmaster@uuutica.org.   You can also reach our treasurer, Joe Gee, at treasurer@uuutica.org.  If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Bill.  Thank you.

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Previously Published

Living Your Values
One of the things I love about Unitarian Universalism is the application of our principles to my living and loving. The religious life demands of us this melding of values and ideas, with integrity to our actions. So each month this year, I will include a living your values section to the newsletter and Order of Service as a means to apply our Unitarian Universalist's values to our everyday lives.  In faith, Rev. Kaaren

Mitten Tree

Please bring any new mittens, hats, gloves or scarves for our mitten tree from December 7  -  21.   All the proceeds will go to the Hope house for distribution to families that need them.  Please bring in all your charitable donations before Dec. 22nd.  Thanks in advance for your participation and holiday spirit!

Library News:

The book and cd God, Self, and Community (Revelation, Testimony and Practice) by  Dr. Bernard L. Brookes has been added to our library.  Also, I wish to resign as librarian and book buyer.  There are many new people and I'm sure someone can take over and do a fine job. Jane Beier

Sermon discussion.
Each month, Rev. Anderson will hold a brief sermon discussion with those interested in delving more closely into the day's topic.

Small Groups

Unitarian Universalism and Fellowship Groups are an integral part of developing your UU faith. These groups provide both a forum to explore spiritual issues and context for intentional community building. The idea is simple. The hardest part is having to pick only one! They are described below and on our Minister's page. If you haven't already signed up for one of these small groups, please give the facilitator or me a call.  It's a great way to combine your faith and interests into a meaningful means to connect with other UU's.

For the spiritually inquisitive and adventurous, it is all too easy to live on the surface of life; this group helps bring more depth and soul to our living and loving. Rev. Anderson leads these monthly meeting groups by discussing the most provocative essay or short story she's encountered that month. Group members are also assigned a "spiritual adventure" to complete between gatherings. Especially good for newcomers interested in exploring the Unitarian Universalist's approach to spiritual development. See Kaaren if you are interested. Meets the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month following the service, from 12-2. Childcare can be provided if the need is expressed.   Reverend Kaaren Anderson (724-3179)

 I AM  (Women's spirituality group)
 This group is designed to encourage women's personal and spiritual growth by utilizing feminist thinking and approaches. Facilitator: Susan Hamilton


 A chance to explore communally ones spiritual and creative self.
 Facilitator: Jack Pendrak

Come and join us for sharing, caring, music, dance, stories, games, food and lots of love and fun while we get to know our families together. This will be an opportunity to bring our individual UU families together to build a stronger community and church family. (This group meets the first Monday evening of each month.
 Co-facilitators: Dan Strobel & Reverend Kaaren Anderson (724-3179)

 An opportunity to connect with folks of similar sexual orientation discussing theological, ethical and spiritual questions. Facilitator: Isabelle Grenon

Service Settings

Your help is needed this year; Please consider signing up for a Sunday between now and June to do a setting by the windows on the front ledge of the sanctuary. Flowers/plants (either real or artificial), sculpture, painting, and candles really add to the service.  The sign up sheet is in the kitchen on the bulletin board. Questions or Suggestions see or call: Dianne Cronauer, Linda Brady or Phyllis Brockley as listed in the Directory

Free Batteries for Hearing Aids

The Hard of Hearing group gained an excess of batteries from a donating company. The extra batteries will be freely distributed or transferred to other groups. Battery sizes are: 10-8AP, 13-8AP, 312-8AP and 675-6AP. Contact Roger MacCasland as listed in the Directory.

The new 2002-2003 Church directories are now available. Pick one up at Church.

Borrow Bags
Don't forget, we now have "borrow bags" available for parents with small children who may be uncomfortable in the nursery. The bags consist of quiet toys and books allowing children to join their parents in the sanctuary for the service. Ask an usher for a borrow bag.

    As many of you know, this year we changed around the manner of the coffee hour. Instead of having two or three people mainly responsible for the event, we've distributed the Sundays to most of the members of the church. In September, this issue was brought up to the congregation twice, with their blessing and commitment to the new format. We would like to apologize if some of you didn't hear about this, and are surprised to find yourself on the list and not know what to do.
    We knew we would have some glitches with this, and we apologize for any inconvience or confusion it may have caused a few of you. Included in this issue of the newsletter is the schedule for the year and the how to's of coffee hour. If, for some reason you are having a hard time with finding someone to switch Sunday's with if the one you are scheduled for is inconvenient, please know you can call Linda, the secretary, at the church, and,,"ask for .some further suggestions and or help.

Coffee Time Volunteer Schedule:
Watch for new schedule:  (This information is also available at church)

Before service begins:
1. Set Table: Napkins, 2 sugar bowls, 3 warming stands, paper cups, teaspoons, 2 creamora pitchers, teacups and saucers.
2. Make coffee (instructions above sink) SNACKS ARE OPTIONAL

Just before end of Service:
1. Turn on electric warmer stands
2. Fill pots with coffee
3. Make a pot of tea and serve

At end of fellowship hour:
1. Wash all dishes
2. Clean up service table and kitchen.

Here are three Community Development Loan Funds to check out:
Calvert Social Investment foundation
4550 Montgomery Ave. 1000N
Bethesda, MD 20814

The Calvert Foundation promotes community development and micro-lending throughout the US and the world. They require a minimum of $1000 investment and offer returns of 0-4%

Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives fund (NICA)
P.O. Box 1534
Madison, WI 53701

The NICA fund, a project of the WI Coordinating council on Nicaragua, addresses the root causes of poverty by providing low-income Nicaraguans with loans for small business, farming and cooperatives. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the world. The fund requires a $2,000 minimum investment for a minimum of two years and returns range from 0-6%.

ICE's Revolving Loan fund
57 School Street,
Springfield, MA 01027

The Institute for community Economics invests in affordable housing, focusing on economically depressed areas. Since 1979, the fund has loaned over $30 Million to those in need. With a minimum investment of $1,000 for one to ten years, the returns range from 3 -5%.

Bill Payer Program
Volunteer opportunity to protect seniors from fraud and financial difficulties!
It's easy, if you like numbers and helping people….the reliable AARP Bill Payer model program has training and safeguards in place for volunteers and clients, as well as certified substitutes when volunteers take vacation or family time.
Since 2000, more than 100 persons have been served by over 55 reliable and
confidential volunteers. Right now there are 10 people waiting for help in OUR area. If you have your own car and can give 2-4 hours per month, this could be for YOU!
To find out more, please call Family Services at 735-2236, extension 230 and leave your name and number, or visit the AARP website at http://aarpmmp.org
Thanks for your help!   Barb Freeman, coordinator

Faith Furniture
Grown from a vision by parishioners of Trinity United Methodist Church
in Whitesboro, NY, Faith Furniture's mission is "to provide the basic needs
of as many people as possible by Providing low cost furniture"
Located at 140 Eagle St. Utica
Tuesday and Wednesday 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM  (other hours by appointment)
We are constantly searching for and accepting donations of well cared for pieces suitable for re-sale. We accept single items or entire estates. Arrangements for estate donations should be made by calling the office to have a volunteer visit to determine how best for us to handle acceptance. All donations are tax deductible!

New Books
Passion for the Possible by William Sloane Coffin, Donated by Barbara Brookes. It is a message of love and renewal to U.S. churches. Our final purchase of the year is John Buehrens new book, Understanding the Bible, which is coming out in June.  The Bookstore online is changing all the time!  Come visit the website: uua.org/bookstore, or you can contact them UUA Bookstore, 25 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108-2800
Jane Beier


It has come to our attention that we are no longer keeping a church scrap book. A box is now in the office to receive any pictures, news items etc. for the last two or three years and 3 people are interested in this project. You can help by bringing material.

Thanks, Harv

UU & Me!
You can learn and grow together with UU& me!, the only Unitarian Universalist magazine for kids.  Regular features include stories about the real-life decisions kids make, holiday celebrations, famous UUs in history and today, religious beliefs around the world, nature activities that nurture good relationships with the earth, plus reproducible games, puzzles, and crafts.  This quarterly magazine targets children ages 6 to 12 but is read and enjoyed by families with younger children also.  To subscribe, contact www.uclf.org, or Betsy Williams bwilliams120@charter.net, or CLF-UU&me, 25 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108. ($17.95 Subscription).

Are you an Aspiring Author?
Skinner House Books, the publishing imprint of the Unitarian Universalist Association, invites you to submit book proposals.  Some topic that they are particularly interested in are:  How to nurture tolerance in our children, how to talk to children about spiritual subjects, spirituality in the workplace, spirituality and/or spiritual practice in everyday life, aging and spirituality, young adulthood and spirituality, prayer collections, how to become a social justice activist, nature and spirituality, interconnectedness; living the values consistent with our "small planet", collected stories for children, cultural appropriation vs. cultural diversity: how to strike a balance, stories about congregational life that focus on a particular theme, such as welcoming blended families, nurturing diversity, nurturing social activism, managing grief, managing conflict, nurturing intergenerational contact.  This list is not exclusive.  Perhaps this is the time to tell us about that book you've always wanted to write.  For more information on how to submit proposals, visit http://www.uua.org/skinner/writers.html. For questions, contact Mary Benard, (617) 948-4603, mbenard@uua.org.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (uusc.org)
A powerful voice for human rights In order to help Unitarian Universalists and peace advocates educate, act, and organize around this issue, we have assembled resources that you and your community can use to advocate peace and alternatives to violent conflict in Iraq. Below are links that provide important information about current events, the history of the conflict with Iraq, as well as resources for action:
American Friends Service Committee (http://www.afsc.org/iraq/Default.htm) Provides alternatives to war, reasons to oppose the war, history of the conflict, and resources for action.  Friends Committee on National Legislation (http://www.fcnl.org/) United for Peace (http://www.unitedforpeace.org/)
Unitarian Universalist Association (http://www.uua.org/news/2002/021105.html)
Churches for Middle East Peace (http://www.cmep.org/)
National Council of Churches (http://www.ncccusa.org/)
National Network to End the War (http://www.endthewar.org/default-new.htm)
New York Times Iraq Page (http://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/worldspecial/index.html)
St. Lawrence District Opportunities (See Bulletin Board for moor info)

Needed and Wanted
People interested in doing a service setting can sign up on the sheet in the kitchen. If you wou1d like to donate the materials for a setting, please contact Phyllis Brockley, Linda Brady or Dianne Cronauer at church or by phone as listed in the directory.

Food Bank
We will start collecting food donations on the FIRST SUNDAY of each month. Please put donations in the box, on the kitchen table. This will make it easier for us to distribute the items in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation.  We will bring nonperishable food items for the Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church on Genesee Street also. They will also accept clean items items of clothing, especially infant and young person's clothes. They pass out the food and clothing at no cost to those showing up. Clothing may be brought to the basement at the First Presbyterian Church, 1615 Genesee Street, Utica during the hours of 9:00 AM to 12:,00 PM on Wednesdays.  Food for the Food Pantry and the Utica Food Bank is needed. Please consider bringing non-perishable foodstuffs for the coming Fall season. Donations of cash are also accepted. Make out checks to the Utica Food Bank.

Go Green
As a follow-up for people who were inspired by Ollie Club’s forum presentation on great and green cities, consider this. Global Warming and Awareness and Action of the Mohawk Valley is a group that meets in the music room of the Utica Public Library on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. Its goal is to raise public awareness and build community sup-port for greening our Utica-Rome area and other communities. For further information contact Nancy Agen.

Keep It Green
All off us need to recycle at church just as carefully as we do at home. Receptacles for recyclables are labeled as such in the kitchen and office. Please rinse your food containers, and put only clean paper in the paper receptacles. Use the garbage can only for stuff that cannot be recycled. Your Earth thanks you!

In the kitchen: Large microwave with a revolving turnstile is needed. If anyone is considering upgrading their present microwave, please consider donating to the church.  This might be an income tax deduction.

Inspired Work
The children from the January 27 SOULFUL SUNDOWN created a contemporary relief sculpture that is now installed at the garden area facing the RE lawn. UU creativity at work once again! Thanks to all of you.  Sundown Committee

Try This Online Funding Idea
Another way to help raise extra funds for the Church without costing us extra money. There is a web site known as http://www.oneworldfunding.com/. Items you buy online at this site  result in a small percentage contribution to our church. As you go through the process of “checking out” at this site, you will be asked to identify an organization to which the donation can be made. Our church may already be listed in a drop- down menu, but if not, just list the name and address as requested. There are many fine items available.
    On top of that, if you go to this site and click on the Affiliates button, you will be sent to a page providing links to many other online-shopping web sites, including some well-known ones. If you go through the http://www.oneworldfunding.com site to get to one of these other sites, your purchase will again result in a percentage donation to our church. (They do ask you to send a copy of your e-mail receipt to OneWorldFunding@att.net to assure that your purchase results in the contribution you wish to make.) For more information, check out the above web site, or write to the above e-mail address.   Bill Gazitano

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