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Overnight Bus Trip to

The Philadelphia Flower Show


March 13/ 14


33 Acres of Garden, Landscape and Special Events

at the nationís largest indoor flower event


$229 per person (based on double room occupancy)

$209 for UU Church Members

with reservations & $100.00 deposit by February 1


Price includes deluxe coach travel, Utica pick-up,

first-class hotel, 2-day weekend

Flowershow Superpass, breakfast, dinner



For more information and reservations

Call Matt at (315) 839-6007

Or Nancy at (315) 736-1333


~ A Special Event Sponsored by the

Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica ~



Itinerary for March 13/14 Overnight Bus Trip to

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica



Dear Friends


Once again we are traveling to the fabulous Philadelphia Flower Show on the above dates.†† As you can see by our itinerary, this is essentially the same trip that so many of our guests enjoyed last year (same great hotel, but a new restaurant and a new bus driver).††


If you or any of your friends are interested in making the trip again please contact me by January 26.†† Anyone who accompanied us on last yearís trip will be allowed to pay the reduced Church member price of just $209.


Please donít wait long to make up your mind.We hope to hear from you.

Matt Mielnick (839-6007) & Nancy Horvath (736-1333), Trip Coordinators.




7:30 AM:Passengers will board at Unitarian Universalist Church parking lot, 10 Higby Road in Utica.Overnight parking is permitted.Bus will depart after passenger list is checked. Please arrive 15 minutes

prior to departure time to insure prompt departure.


Our bus will stop enroute for a chance to stretch and buy mid-morning refreshments.Please note that you are allowed to bring a cooler with food and drink on board for the trip.As always, it is a good idea to bring several forms of identification along when making such a trip.


12:30 PM:Approximate arrival time in Philadelphia.Our bus will escort passengers directly to the Philadelphia Convention Center, site of the Flower Show.Weekend Superpasses will be handed out prior to arrival for unlimited entry into the Flower Show for both Saturday and Sunday.Luggage will remain securely on the bus during your afternoon visit.Visitors may wish to bring cameras and notebooks.A daily schedule of special events for that day will be available at all entrances.Snacks, hot and cold beverages, and food vendors are located throughout the Convention Center.Our guests may wish to visit the website of the Flower Show (www.theflowershow.com) before the trip to help plan their time.


5:00 PM:Passengers will rendezvous at the Flower Show exit site designated by the bus driver for the short drive to the Hampton Inn (1301 Race St./ (215) 665-9100) for check-in.The hotel is equipped with a fitness center and an indoor pool (remember to bring your bathing suits!).Please note that local phone calls are free, but guests are responsible for any toll calls.Be sure to clarify whether there are charges for any in-room amenities (snack items, bar set-up, etc.) before assuming they are complimentary.


In order to avoid additional baggage handling charges, please carry your own luggage in and out of the hotel.


7:30 PM:Bus will escort passengers to dinner.Following dinner, passengers will be brought back to the Hampton Inn.




8:30 AM:Deluxe continental breakfast served in the hotel dining room.


10:30 AM:Guests will check out of hotel and store luggage on bus in front of the hotel before returning to the Flower Show.Passengers not wishing to return to the Convention Center must still arrange for luggage to be stored on the bus at this time.


4:30 PM:All guests will rendezvous at designated site for return trip home.


10:00 PM:Approximate arrival time in Utica.